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*** Call us if you'd like curbside service! ***

Hello Nuttall's Family,

I have spent the last couple of days trying to figure out how we as a company will navigate these next few weeks and possibly months. Because I am a “glass half full” kind of person, even talking about the “C” word is difficult. There are many “C” words that I prefer to address like creativity, customers, caring, community, compassion, companionship, circumstances and even crazy!  Standing in line at the grocery store less than a foot away from the next customer to stock up on toilet paper and sanitizer can’t be less risky than wandering the isles of a fabric store dreaming up your next beautiful creation. . . CRAZY?

I know at this point there are those who are hot at the keyboard ready to slam me, so please hear me out. I respect the right of every person to make their own decisions based on their circumstances. I believe we all have an obligation to our community and those around us to stay home if we are sick. At the same time I have seen the emotional decline that can happen when companionship is taken away and isolation is the result.

As the owner of a family business my employees are, or are considered, my family. I care deeply not only about their health but also their ability to financially support their families. You can’t be in business for over 50 years and not feel that your customers are like family. It is because of these thoughts that I am making a decision to keep our stores open for now, and will be monitoring the situation regularly.   We will proceed with a “business as unusual” mentality.

That means we are:

  1. Taking extra precautions to clean all surfaces at counters, classrooms and high touch areas
  2. Sanitizing and washing our hands often
  3. Asking our employees to not come to work if they are feeling sick
  4. Asking customers who have concerns about their health to stay home and be safe
  5. Avoiding out natural instincts to hug or physically touch our customers
Any changes to our regularly scheduled classes, events, store hours, etc. will be posted on our Facebook Page as well as our website. Check often for any updates.  As a family we have compassion for those who are being affected by this virus. We will go beyond our normal business procedures whenever possible to accommodate your needs. Just contact our store managers by phone to discuss your special situations. Whether it be on phone shopping or curbside service we are trying to think outside the box to help keep your creativity going.

I have thought many times in the past few days about lessons learned in life that you never quite know when they will apply. There are a few things my mom always stressed that we should never run out of, bleach and faith being two of them. I think the next few weeks are going to require a whole lot of both!

We’re here when you need us,
Rhonda Lopez & Family