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We're partnering up with Shannon Fabrics
to Make the World a Softer Place!!

Shannon Fabrics is the company that makes the amazingly soft CUDDLE® FABRIC that we've all become obsessed with!

From now through Thanksgiving, Nuttall's will donate $1 for every yard of Cuddle® sold to help feed families in need and Shannon Fabrics will match that $1.

Shannon Fabrics has a wonderful charity called "Making the World a Softer Place". 

Making a World a Softer Place is a non-profit and it originates from their tagline at Shannon Fabrics.   It started as a way to describe their fabric, and how their minky plush fabrics are literally making the world a softer place, but it’s evolved over the years to mean much more. They got started because they felt the need to give back - whether that’s supporting a local adaptive sports team, providing free blankets and fabrics to other organizations or creating meal baskets for low-income families around the holidays. They’re looking forward to expanding this and providing more help and resources to people in need in 2020.

We’ve partnered with two nonprofits in the Salt Lake City area who really have their finger on the pulse of who genuinely needs help. We’ve targeted homeless and families who aren’t financially well off.

One of the nonprofits we're working with is the Salt Lake City Mission to help them create food bags to hand out around Thanksgiving. We’re not only sponsoring them financially, but we’re also sending our employees to help pack and distribute the bags. The more donations that come in, the more bags we can help purchase and pack. The average bag includes:

A turkey or ham
A Box of mashed potatoes
Cans of veggies
A can of sweet potatoes
A loaf of bread
Packets of gravy
A box of stuffing
Cans of cranberry sauce
A bag of marshmellows
A pie

We’ve also partnered with the Rescue Mission of Salt Lake, and they’re hosting a Thanksgiving meal for needy families and the local homeless population. They’re providing over 1,200 people a complete, sit-down Thanksgiving meal that includes everything from turkey, mashed potatoes and vegetables, to hot cocoa and sweets. We’re donating to them, and we’ll also be there in shifts to help serve food, drinks and put together to-go containers.

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